ACDI/VOCA holds several contracting vehicles and issues Requests for Proposal (RFPs) to facilitate development activities.

GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS)

ACDI/VOCA provides a range of business consulting solutions for federal agencies through MAS, including the following: (1) value chain and market system analysis; (2) targeted technical assistance; (3) literature reviews and multi-country landscape analysis; (4) tool development and multimedia training; (5) strategy development and evaluations; (6) program management for research and learning initiatives; and (7) large-scale, multi-year, field-based development programs.

Feed the Future Advancing Women’s Empowerment (AWE) Program

We are the lead gender-in-agricultural systems partner in the AWE Consortium, led by EnCompass LLC. AWE offers a range of short and long-term technical assistance for missions, implementing partners, the Bureau for Food Security, and USAID offices, including Analysis & Application; Monitoring, Evaluating, Learning; Capacity Building; and Implementation Support.

Farmer-to-Farmer Leader with Associate (LWA)  

Through the Farmer-to-Farmer LWA, USAID can partner with us to support agribusiness development and address food security and market development needs worldwide. Through short and multi-year engagements, we leverage our extensive network of senior volunteer consultants in agronomics, cooperative development, business management, export marketing, and more.

Feed the Future Kenya Livestock Market Systems Leader with Associates (LWA) 

We lead this innovative regional contracting mechanism that enables USAID missions in East Africa to access services to expand economic opportunities; strengthen institutions, systems, and governance; improve human capital; and strengthen systems for collaborating, learning, & adapting.

Request for Applications for the Annual Program Statement for USAID/Burma AFDA

The USAID Agriculture and Food Systems Development Activity (AFDA) is seeking applications for the annual program statement. Applications are due December 30, 2022. Please send applications to

Request for Quotes for GYSI Support Services

ACDI/VOCA seeks quotes for Gender, Youth, and Social Inclusion services. Submit quotes by October 14th.

Request for Proposals for the Assessment of Task Order No. 1 for the USAID/Honduras Transforming Market Systems Activity

The USAID Transforming Market Systems Activity is seeking proposals for the assessment of Task Order No. 1, collaboration, learning, and adaptation. Proposals are due October 31, 2022. Please submit proposals to